Simple hairstyles for wedding: step by step and goodbye to the spray!


Three hours of hairdressing on your wedding day? And a kilo of fixative spray on top? No way! After seeing these simple and beautiful hairstyles, you can only tell your stylist: “I want it.” Good taste is in simplicity and naturalness.

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Simple, but not simple. Meet the nine simple wedding hairstyles that will make you look like a queen. You will love it if you are looking for wedding hairstyles that give you an elegant and avant-garde look without your hairdresser spending hours getting ready. Wear your wedding dress with these versatile styles. You can combine them with any accessory, such as a crown with the same flowers of your bridal bouquet, rhinestones and even the traditional veil.

And although these collected hairstyles do not need too many cosmetics, if you decide to use something for more fixations, use only high quality products. Do not forget to consult with your beauty stylist to tell you what arrangement will fit best with your wardrobe and with the rest of the wedding: let nothing ruin your perfect image! The best thing about these hairstyles is that almost all are suitable for both straight and curly hair. Do we go to the beauty salon?

1. Chonguito with braid

This variation of chongo or bun is a collected hairstyle that also looks great with bangs and even with some loose strands. If you wear it like this, it is recommended that the braid start a little behind.

Start a braid with a side root that is half the width of your head.

Hold the hair that has been left out of the braid in a pigtail; It works whether you do it with high or low queue.

Make a chongo and fix it well with pins; you can help with a bump it (stuff for chongos) to give it more volume.

Wrap the base of your chongo with the braid and secure it with pins.

A romantic and practical touch? Place some flowers as a final brooch; Not only will it enhance your hairstyle, it will also help to better hold the hair of the braid and disguise the ends.

2. The classic crown

This classic is perfect for bohemian brides and can have many variations depending on the height at which the braids are born. If you want to wear your hair almost loose, but your wedding is outdoors and you fear that the breeze may ruffle you, with this option you will get to show off hair and have a clear face. Brides in search of hairstyles with easy braids, to practice!

Take a section of hair from the front of your head, on the right side.

Make a braid with this strand. To give volume, lightly pull the loops out.

Take a strand from the left side of your head and shake it. It can be a little smaller or with less volume than the right braid or they can be both equal; everything depends on the effect you pursue.

Bring the right braid to the back of your head and tie it with pins to your loose hair. The idea is that it is at the height of the birth of the braid on the left side. If it does not come because you do not have hair that long, hold it where it reaches.

Bring the left braid to the right side and tie it in the same way.

You can pass a braid through the middle of the other’s loops, or create a cross with them. You can also jam only part of the braids and drop the rest so you have even more loose hair to show off. The classic thing is to bind both braids together so that they look like they are one.

3. Chongo of rolls

This is one of the half-collected hairstyles that can be done only with pins and some finite links if you want to secure the ends.

Brush your hair well and wind strands from the front.

As you twist each strand back, you see incorporating small sections of hair into the roll; with this you will get it fixed to the head.

Gather the rolls on the back of your head. You can make a half tail secured with a liguita, if it is provided.

Then, make the tail become two rolls with which you will make the final chongo, as in the photo.

With the two rolls concentrating the whole hair, you only need to form a chongo by weaving both ends; you can go making knots to fix each crossing.

4. Chongo knot

It is one of the easy collected hairstyles that will fascinate you for its simplicity and its modern look. It will be very good if you want to show a neckline on the back, it will serve to create a visual effect that you have the longest neck.

Separate your hair on two sides and twist a little each one to make it easier to comb your hair.

Tie a knot with both sides. Yes, a knot, like the one you do when you go to fasten your shoes.

Twist the ends that are loose and wind them around the knot, to opposite sides.

Secure with pins. You can loosen some strands to give fall to the hairstyle.

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