Six Uses for Mason Jars in Your Wedding

Mason jars are now being embraced by so many people around the world, as they give great effect to an informal or DIY wedding. If you are considering a cost-effective wedding, don’t overwork yourself, consider mason jars to brush up the look of your overall decoration. They are readily available and reasonably cheap. This encourages most DIY brides to opt for one. They can be purchased from bargain home wear stores. They are used in rustic wedding set-ups in several ways which can be easily harnessed in the most effective form. Below are six amazing ways to incorporate mason jars into your wedding décor.

#1: Seat order

Mason jars can be used for organization of a wedding seating arrangement. You can use them as pointers with a Kraft card name tag to direct each guest to their seat and label their individual cutlery.

#2: Serving food and drinks

Refreshing cocktail drinks and desserts can be served in a mason jar as a catering tool. It gives this beautiful and attractive outlook which is perfect for advert on social media handles such as Instagram.

#3: Table numbers and Centerpieces

Mason jars can be used as vases to hold abundant set of blooms with contrasting colors in a rustic wedding setting. You can place them strategically on each table singly or in collections atop circular log slices. You can use them to perfectly complement your centerpieces or attach table numbers to them to create order and direction.

#4: Light holders

You can create beautification of a wedding with an informal set up by placing fairy lights inside mason jars and suspending them in different arrangements around your venue to give a somewhat glamorous feel.

#5: Aisle décor

You can strategically suspend mason jars with beautiful flowers inside, at the end of each row or column of the wedding venue for some little spice to your decoration. This process is cheap but has a great impact in the overall look of your venue.

#6: Goodies jar

You could put your goodies such as sweets, popcorns, biscuits, jam, chutney, and honey in mason jars at each table for your guests to take home and treat themselves with. The portability and fancy nature of mason jars are perfect for DIY weddings. It can go a long way to help you in packaging and distributing your favors to reach all guests present.  

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