Succeed in wedding photojournalism with these simple tips

What is wedding photojournalism? Actually, many are not aware of what photojournalism has to do with weddings in general. Everyone is driven by Hollywood, advertising and fashion, which make those involved look effortlessly romantic. A common belief is that even without wind the veils will blow, all the child attendants will look like angels and the family will always be laughing and smiling.

No, this is not happening, and to get a photojournalistic feel there is lots of physical and mental work to be accomplished. As per definition, photojournalism highlights the appeal of natural subjects and people alike. Wedding photography is a record that is personal and is time-honored, offering evidence of an important event.

In a wedding, journalistic photography refers to an insider’s look behind the scenes using a candid style. Of course this is completely different from posed wedding photography, thus making it more challenging.

A wedding day is a very important day for anyone, as it is a lifetime achievement. It is a rare event and so it must be special. Taking wedding photographs means they must not look like daily snapshots. There is a need to look unique so that even after a few years, you get to show off your special day, which is why wedding photographs are often among a family’s favorite keepsakes. Here are few tips to help you succeed:


Choose the right gear. This photography style requires you to be on your toes constantly as any spur-of-the-moment shot cannot be missed. This happens when you least expect.

Lock in

Be prepared to have the camera settings locked in manually so that you can continue snapping until that end for a sequence of photos, ensuring that no candid shots are missed. Ensure that the photos have cohesive appearance. Keep your eyes wide open and have an alert mind to capture the ‘now’ moments. Even if your subjects are moving naturally, you can get the action shot without missing a moment.


Ensure background, lighting, etc. is working the right way and ensure your subjects are correctly positioned. Setting up a scene in anticipation is mandatory so that as the action starts, you can capture the videos and photos from all angles. You can freely move around and consider different points of view and elements, thus creating a story that will appear to be unfolding.

Wedding photojournalism, according to CM Images, is all about capturing moments as they naturally occur, and, even if they are not all coming together, adding in a non-intrusive comment to make them special.