The Most Amazing Wedding Venues North Wales

Are you looking for an amazing wedding venue North Wales? The amazing, unique, and very special Talhenbont Hall is one of the best places in the region. Talhenbont Hall is a perfect wedding venue for celebrating your special day with your friends and your family. The Hall itself can fit 120 guests, and the Hall as well as the surrounding cottages that make up the Talhenbont Hall Estate can sleep 40 people very comfortably.

Located in the prettiest part of the Llyn Peninsula, Talhenbont Hall is right in the heart of Snowdonia, providing romantic views as well as boasting perfectly manicured gardens which we’re sure will delight you. With well over 100 acres of ancient woodland as part of the grounds, Talhenbont Hall is a truly wonderful atmosphere for a romantic wedding.

Talhenbont Hall, although a relatively new wedding venue in North Wales, is already very well known as one of the very best, and you can expect top quality service for your wedding from their dedicated team. They’re a family operation, but one which prides itself on the level of attention to detail they provide for your big day.

Their connections helps quite significantly as well – they know a great number of suppliers such as the wonderful Springbank Flowers – who provided stunning floral displays for a great number of celebrity weddings. We’re more than certain that Springbank Flowers are the perfect choice for your wedding, allowing it to sparkle just as much as the biggest, best, star-studded celebrity affair.

Talhenbont Hall in itself is a stately, gorgeous, fairy tale experience, which is well and truly magical. Talhenbont Hall and its grounds provide perfect facilities to make a perfect wedding day and pay great attention to all those little details which make your day an unforgettable and utterly magical experience.

Planning a wedding can end up being very complicated. Talhenbont Hall does its part to erase the stress and the strain from your preparations by being approachable. They’re more than happy to help you along with the process of planning your wedding, and their suppliers are tried and tested professionals which offer excellent products, as well as all of the special consideration for different choices, preferences, and aesthetics for the wedding day.

One of the nicest things about Talhenbont Hall is that it is family-run. This beautiful wedding venue in North Wales isn’t faceless, and your happiness is not a perfectly packaged generic deal, that you know that many other people have enjoyed. The personal touch is what is important when it comes to your big day, and Talhenbont Hall gets the right balance between professional and utterly bespoke, allowing you to know and have confidence that your big day is yours, and not anyone elses’.

If you choose to have your wedding at Talhenbont Hall wedding venue North Wales, you’re in for a treat indeed. Full access to the grounds is available, and the entire Estate is at your disposal for a day, two days, or three days, according to your preference.

What would a wedding be without all the little pre wedding perks such as food tasting? Talhenbont Hall host a series of Open Days throughout the year allowing you to do just that – they appreciate the importance of these little touches and provides complimentary menu tasting for the bride and groom either at an Open Day, or even at your pleasure.

All you have to do is telephone them, and they will enable all of these little touches to be arranged for you, with absolutely no obligation.

From the photographer and the cake to the place settings and the organisation, Talhenbont Hall have you covered and we absolutely cannot recommend it enough.