The Perfect Wedding Invite For The Perfect Wedding

Weddings are special occasions celebrated with lots of love, cheer, joy and happiness. Weddings celebrate the relationship of love; weddings celebrate the union of souls; weddings celebrate the coming together of two people who promise to be for each other forever and more in sickness and in health, in poverty and in wealth and in good times and bad times.

Need for a wedding invite

But weddings are also occasions which need meticulous planning and efficient execution. And the first step to organising a wedding is to design the wedding invitation. The wedding invitation proclaims to the world the day, date and time when the joyful union of the two mentioned people will take place. It is thus of great importance since it sets the tone, theme and style of the wedding and is sent about 6 to 8 weeks prior to decided wedding date.  A wedding invitation, thus, needs to be designed after giving a lot of thought to both the covering design and the wordings to be printed inside.

The first thing that needs to be decided is the level of formality that needs to be portrayed in the wedding invites. Today weddings have become very innovative. Consequently themed weddings have become quite popular along with the formal traditional tuxedo ones. Hence the design of the wedding too changes based on the same. While the traditional wedding invitation cards still follow the same layout, design and wording, the semi-formal and casual weddings design wedding cards to sync appropriately with the theme.

A typical wedding invite template

But irrespective of the style of design, the wording of a wedding card follows a set pattern and should mandatorily include the following information:

  • The name of the people hosting the wedding,
  • The name of the guest with the correct form of address,
  • The date and time of the wedding and
  • The locations of both the wedding and the reception.

Various popular wedding invite designs

One design which is fast gaining popularity is wedding invitations with succulents. It is a very innovative and beautiful way to design the wedding invitation and includes:

  • Succulent surrounds,
  • Watercolour succulents,
  • Romantic succulents,
  • Blush succulents,
  • Boho succulents,
  • Bridal succulents etc.

The beautiful floral motif along with extremely attractive colour combinations imparts a very soft and elegant look to the card. They express sensitivity and portray love with a certain innocence which tugs the heart strings of one and all.

Customised wedding cards too have become quite popular with their innovative and unique look and design. Some ideas which are being picked up quite frequently for customised cards include:

  • Glam cards which are expensive but leave a lasting impression,
  • Beaches and sands, perfect for a beachside wedding,
  • Minimalistic cards which tend to keep it simple but effective,
  • Funky, outrageous yet hilarious for those looking for some comedy,
  • Pretty yet preppy which ensures the wedding invitations are pretty in the traditional way yet have a modern look and feel etc.

Irrespective of the look and wording of a card, designing and choosing the wedding card is one of the most exciting events in a wedding. It signifies the start of a beautiful journey; one that gives a red carpet welcome to all guests to come bless the couple and be a part of the most happy phase of their lives.