The Right Engagement Ring for Their Hand

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It’s a common fact that different rings suit different hands, but how do you find the most flattering ring for their finger?

There’s a ring suited for every finger shape, with the bands working to accentuate all of their favourite aspects while minimising anything they don’t like. Knowing a few tips and tricks can help you massively narrow down the perfect ring for your partner’s finger, leaving the only thing left to finalise is the design of their dreams.

For Consideration

To get started, consider the length and width of their finger as well as their overall hand size before considering how large they want the main stone to be and the style of the band. Another thing to bear in mind is their typical nail length as this can lengthen the appearance of their finger.

Long Fingers

Those with long fingers have the benefit of suiting most ring styles. But, the most flattering stones can often include princess-cut and rounded stones and, for ring size, the wider the better as this will complement the length.

Short Fingers

People with shorter fingers can really benefit from slender bands as this can elongate the appearance of their finger. For stones – oval, pear and marquise cut gems can also create the illusion of length.

Thin Fingers

For thin fingers, some rings have the ability to overpower them, so consider choosing a smaller stone and a thicker band as this can work to make their finger appear wider.

Wide Fingers

Finding a style to make wide fingers appear slimmer is easy if you go for wide stones. Oval, marquise, rectangle and emerald cuts can be particularly effective. Additionally, if the ring plays host to multiple stones, this can also be a benefit. In terms of band, aim for medium to thick. As you can see, having wide fingers can give so much freedom to find something that’s really perfect for your partner and their personality.

Small Hands

Hands can also have a big impact on how the ring looks on their finger. With small hands, small rings work best. Consider a round, princess cut, oval or heart-shaped stone with a slim band.

Large Hands

Again, large hands give room for more exploration. Bulky and chunky designs can work really well so opt for a thicker band and a statement stone. Thicker bands can also work quite well for pulling the attention away from the knuckles and bringing the focus towards the middle of the finger.

Once you start looking, you’ll find that there’s a ring out there for everyone. It can be disheartening when you start your hunt and you struggle to find one that you and your partner like while also suiting their hand, but being armed with information that can help you shorten the search from the get go, giving you both a massive boost in the right direction.

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