Tips for Choosing the Best Entertainer for Your Event

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You are already aware that entertainers can make or break your event. You don’t want your guests to be critical of the performances that they will be getting. Instead, you want them to have that ‘wow’ feeling that can only be achieved if the entertainers positively elicit their emotions. Whether hiring an entertainer by yourself or using an agency to get an entertainer for your summer event, there are some standard tips that you should apply. Some of these tips have been discussed below. 


Always emphasize the theme before selecting an entertainer for your event. The theme of the event should dictate on the type of the entertainer your agent will be hiring. You should also make it clear that the entertainer should be entertaining while at the same time reinforcing the theme. An entertainer might damage your event by channeling a different message from what your event might have intended. For example, during a graduation event, your entertainer should focus on thanksgiving song rather than encouragement entertainment. 

Age of the Guest 

You should make sure that the entertainment corresponds to the age of the people attending your event. The entertainer is only there to entertain your audience, which means that he or she must fit to what the age of your audience will consider being appropriate. Professionals and older people are very critical of the age of the entertainer because most of the entertainers are consistent with the theme. Young entertainers are good at party events, especially the ones dominated by fireworks, dancing on the podium, and nightclubbing. 


Using entertainment agencies to hire entertainers is one of the critical strategic decisions that you can make. Entertainment agencies such as play a vital role in the whole process and will save you some precious time that you can use in handling other activities. An agency will help you to locate the entertainer by looking for referrals and recommendations, which can be time consuming and sometimes costly. Agencies are already aware of the entertainers who will make your event memorable, depending on the age profile and theme. 


This is too harsh, but you should make sure that the entertainer gracing your event has liability and injury insurance policies. An injury can occur during the event, and you don’t want a scenario where you will start incurring extra cash to handle the medical expenses. This not only be done through word of mouth, but you should ask to see a copy of the insurance cover. Most of the professional entertainers have liability insurance policies. 


Another important factor that you should ask to know is about the money that you will be required to pay the entertainer for his or her services. Conduct a market survey and understand all the expenses before hiring. You can ask about the hourly rate and then add other expenses such as travel and accommodation expenses. Unprepared individuals get surprised when the cost doubles due to flight and accommodation expenses, something they had not prepared to handle.