Tips to Help You Choose A Right Wedding Venue in Marbella

For a destination wedding, Marbella is great because of its geographic location. It is situated on the Mediterranean with majestic mountains as a backdrop and miles of golden smooth sand. 

Say ‘I do’ on a beach

The coastline stretches 30 km, which offers you a lot of scope to find a spot to exchange your wedding vows. Besides, the sun shines guaranteed 320 days a year. Therefore, Marbella wedding venues with beach settings are popular among couples. You get plenty of beach options like choose the sand or a frontline beach position. You can even choose a beachfront villa surrounded by gardens and overseeing the ocean. 

Add extra romance – Timing your wedding vows as the sunset in the background with the ocean water covered in a bright orange blanket and melodious musical sound from the gentle lapping of waves. If you don’t select to say ‘yes’ at the beach, have a photoshoot planned on the sands.

Say ‘I do’ in a garden

The climate in Marbella is ideal for the greeneries to grow, all year round. The topical palms, vibrant bougainvillea, scented wisteria, delicate jasmine, shady pines, and lush hibiscus offers an exclusive wedding backdrop. You get to choose between small friendly gardens to big country estates with beautiful gardens. You can enjoy a memorable day in a lovely setting. Marbella is one of the best places to get married abroad

Add extra romance – Choose a garden with beautiful fountains. It adds natural sound effects to your vows. 

Say ‘I do’ in the country

There are a lot of wedding planners in Marbella, who can help you plan an event in a lovely country locationCosta del Sol has magnificent scenery. It is surrounded by stunning mountain ranges, rolling hills, fertile valleys, and woodlands. 

Add extra romance – A country location means no noise and a perfectly romantic setting to celebrate a night wedding under the stars.