Top 10 Traditional Gold Jewellery Designs of Maharashtra

Jewelry is the most important part of every woman’s life. And the same goes for every Marathi mulgi as well. They are already so beautiful, and theirtraditional gold jewellery enhances their beauty.

You will observe that every Maharashtrian woman follows her tradition by heart. They wear all their traditional gold jewelry on every special occasion, including wedding ceremonies, festivals, poojas, etc. They pair their elegant jewelry designs with Paithani and Nauvari sarees to complete their Marathi look. Without their traditional gold jewellery, this ethnic wear is incomplete.

If you are also interested in traditional Maharashtrian jewellery, here is the list for you.

Top 10 Traditional Gold Jewellery Designs of Maharashtra

  1. Putli Haar

It is a very uniquely designed gold necklace set with gold coins braided into a silk patwa cord. The gold coins are designed with goddess Laxmi motifs to signify wealth in the bride and groom’s lives. It is the most integral part of Maharashtrian jewelry and is also referred to as a “temple necklace” sometimes.

  • Kudya

You must have observed many Maharashtrian ladies wear a different type of earring called “Kundya.” These are very classic-looking earrings made of pure white pearls and a gold combination. The simple design of these earrings makes them look very appealing and enticing.

  • Tode

Tode is a pair of gold bangles that are considered to be the most important Maharashtrian ornament. These are handmade, heavy, solid gold bangles made of pure gold without any soldering. The craftsman takes about a month to complete one pair of bangles.

  • Vaaki

Vaaki is another amazing piece of Maharashtrian jewelry. It is the armband, which is carved with beautiful stones and gold wire. It is also called “Bajuband” as it is worn on the arm of the lady.

  • Kolhapuri Saaj

It is most popular in the southern part of Maharashtra, including Kolhapur and Belgaum. It is a gold necklace set with 21 carved leaves and a pendant. Along with this, it is carved with two rubies and two emeralds.

  • Nath

You will only see Marathi women with nath on any special occasion. It is the most special and important jewelry every Maharashtrian woman wears during wedding ceremonies, spiritual events, and other occasions. It is a half-moon-shaped nose pin carved with pink and white pearls and stones. These are now available in various designs, but the shape is the same.

  • Thushi

It is a contemporary-style choker necklace set made of 22-karat pure gold. The set originated in Kolhapur and was designed with closely woven gold beads. This neckpiece has an adjustable cord or thread so anyone can wear it comfortably.

  • Chooda

The chooda is a set of green bangles worn by every Maharashtrian bride. It is the same as the red churidar worn by North Indian brides. The color green is the symbol of prosperity and fertility, and therefore an odd number of bangles are worn by every Marathi bride.

  • Mundavlya

It is worn by both the bride and groom during their wedding ceremonies. It is made of gold beads and white pearls and tied across the forehead.

  1. Ambada

It is a hair ornament used to decorate the bride’s hair bun.