Top 7 TV Series Weddings of All Time

TV weddings are a firm favourite with the public; millions tune in to catch a glimpse of an iconic fictional wedding from a much-loved TV Sitcom. People often associate as much personal and emotional significance to TV weddings as they would to real-life weddings with their own families or friends.

And since TV weddings are such a big hit with the viewers, let’s take a look back at the most memorable top 7 and take a trip down memory lane.

  1. Lily and Marshal: How I Met Your Mother.

They are known as the most stable couple on any long-running sitcom, and their wedding was not without its mishaps, including a last-minute change of plan when their venue took a different path. Still, the ceremony was heart-warming with a quiet and intimate setting of close friends only. Certainly, a much different kind of scene than the usual loud and complex plots we were used to seeing within tv series.

  1. Jesse and Becky: Full House

The show revealed a softer edge to the well-known John Stamos rebellious character ‘Jesse’, when he helped his brother in law raise his three daughters after becoming widowed.

The change didn’t end there because after that he met and wed Becky in an unforgettable ceremony that even had Jesse serenade for her wife-to-be.

They later went on to welcome twin boys of their own, and he started his own journey as a family man himself.

  1. The Red Wedding: Game of Thrones

Iconic tv weddings sometimes include some very unexpected surprises. Still, nothing prepared the fans for what they were about to witness in the wedding ceremony of Edmure Tully, and Walder Frey’s daughter.

This wedding, known as ‘The Red Wedding’ to fans, was a cover for a revenge attack on Robb Stark, who decided against marrying one of Frey’s daughters in favour of Talisa instead. Consequently, this led to the bloody massacre of Robb, his wife Talisa (who was pregnant at the time) and her mother, as well as the heartbreak of young Arya Stark who never got in time to reunite with her family.

  1. Burt and Carole: Glee

Burt and Carole’s on-screen wedding summarised the sweet nature of Glee, highlighting those high schoolers and their care-free attitude to life. The wedding saw “new” brothers Kurt and Finn dancing down the aisle as they merrily celebrated their families’ reunion. This tv wedding showcased a prominent life message, with regards to relationships and forgiveness, with people learning to get along aside from differences.

  1. Jim and Pam: The Office

Jim and Pam’s wedding was one of the most feel-good weddings in tv history. The occasion saw the cast dancing merrily down the aisles in a perfect setting as the ceremony took place on a boat under Niagara Falls. A truly unforgettable memory within the history of the much-loved sitcom.

  1. Howard and Bernadette: The Big Bang Theory

The wedding of Howard and Bernadette was the perfect mix of heart-warming sweetness and fantastic humour. The wedding took place on the rooftop of Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment building and was visible from space, purposely coinciding with the Google satellite passing over Pasadena.

Howard always had the desire to find the perfect lady that he could commit to, making the occasion all the more unique. And it stands out as the first wedding of one of the main characters in the popular series.

  1. Monica and Chandler: Friends

After an engagement with many adventures starting with Chandler choosing Monicas’ engagement ring, he finally overcomes his fear of commitment by agreeing to get married to Monica and settle down.

Not without its humour in true Friends style, the wedding of Monica and Chandler didn’t disappoint, showing us the epilogue of the love story between two of our favourite characters.

After being ordained online Joey wound up being the minister for the big day. Well known for his limited vocabulary and well-loved for it, his reading of the nuptials focussed on the gift of giving and receiving, having and sharing love was one of the most unforgettable and hilarious moments of this long-running sitcom.

But despite all of the hilarious moments, a few surprises were thrown into the mix with viewers eagerly anticipating the reveal of who was actually pregnant, with Rachel once gain stealing Monica’s moment.

This unforgettable moment makes this wedding the top favourite for many, and that is why it is marked as the number one on our list of top 7.