Top Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding season happens every year and usually, money is always the go-to gift for the happy couple, with good reason because, who doesn’t need money? And after an expensive wedding, the newlyweds would need some extra money on the side to pay for the wedding and probably the honeymoon.

Here I will discuss some Unique gift ideas for people who are looking to try something new or even for people who are on a budget but still want to bring something.

Kitchen Appliances

Some people move in together after marriage, some people before, this should not change the fact that kitchen appliances at some point or another might always come in handy, it could be the couple does not have it or you will end up giving them a better appliance, either way, it is still going to be appreciated because you saved them the hassle of going to go out and buy this product. Anything that helps renovate and improves the house in the simplest ways will always be a cute and thoughtful gift. Let it be a mixer, a toaster or anything in between it will always be a gift.

Tickets to an Event

If you know the couple very well and know what they enjoy together and individually, a very interesting gift idea would be tickets to a certain event they might both like, like a music festival or even a food festival. Obviously, these do not come cheap but it is a very thoughtful gift idea. Knowing the couple will always help in buying something more personalised, and in it being more personalised it will be even more appreciated. If you know the wedding date try and find some event let it be locally or internationally after the honeymoon or if you are willing to go through the effort, search some events that are happening during the honeymoon and obviously in the same location.

Spa or Couples Massage

Who doesn’t want to relax? This is a bit cheaper than the previous one but still a beautiful and thoughtful idea. Planning a wedding is nothing but stressful so a spa day would be quite an appropriate gift for the couple.

AirBnb Gift Card

Any gift card will be appreciated because everyone loves cheaper items than the original price, so what happens when you combine that with the ability to go abroad. An Airbnb gift card is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to travel, so if you know that the couple loves to travel, as expensive as the hobby might be, you might help make it a bit cheaper by giving them this Airbnb gift card.


This might not be unique but no one will turn down a free bottle of expensive alcohol.


What you can do is buy cheap flights for the happy couple to go somewhere besides their honeymoon. If you plan from before you can find cheap and affordable flights that will not be outside your budget. What you can also do, knowing that delays happen frequently is suggest the best poker site the accommodates Americans very well. You can use crypto-currency to play on this site which is a great way to stay anonymous and enjoy your downtime playing some Americas Cardroom poker.


There are many other different and unconventional wedding gifts that you can come up with for the happy couple. These are my picks on affordable but still thoughtful and considerate gift ideas that you can give to the bride and groom. Money, as I said, is always the go-to because everyone needs money after an expensive wedding, but if you’re also on a budget these ideas might benefit you too!