Various Ring Styles That You Will Love

The world of rings has no end. With the change in fashion, the new innovations in designs are achieved. Look at EraGem for example, the have it all! Still, the classics section is dedicated to a select group of people while the more contemporary designs also has its unique audience.

Listed here are some time-proof designs that make interesting choice for engagement and wedding rings:


The bigger is certainly better and no other way is better than flaunting the big size of diamond than having it in solitaire style. The solitaire rings feature a single diamond. The diamond is exclusive in cut, setting or size. It gets all the attention when one wears it. Solitaire rings can be used as anniversary rings, engagement rings or promise rings.


This style features two stones set in different ways. The stones can be placed in the bifurcated centerpiece. These can also be placed alongside. The glitter of the ring having two stones is certainly quite conspicuous and design is mind-boggling too. The two-stone rings reflect the idea of eternal togetherness beautifully. These always can be used to say ‘Always by your side’ without any words, but with full conviction.


This style is common in eternity rings. The centerpiece is integrated with shank and adorned lavishly with three stylish stones. Diamonds are placed together in this style to make feminine appeal stronger and unmissable. The three-stone rings can also have differently colored diamonds or other precious stones. For example, the diamonds can form the side stones and ruby or sapphire or emerald can become the center stone, giving the whole bauble a magnificent look. Three-stone rings denote ‘yesterday, today and tomorrow’ and display another way to express togetherness till eternity. The cuts of the two side stones can be different from the center one as one of the designing options.

Diamond bands

Even men need the pampering and love! So, express it in lavish style with diamond bands which actually have the diamond set in bezel style in the band. The diamond is not accentuated much as it is done in the engagement rings for women. Bands look great on men and denotes unwavering integration. The integrity of feelings and the want to remain loyal come up tastefully in diamond bands. You can experiment with variety of base materials like yellow gold, white gold, etc.

So, go classic way with the styles mentioned above and bring the exquisiteness in the way you express love. These styles suit one and all and look classy across all ages.