Various stones options for engagement rings

If you are confused about the type of ring you would want to propose your girlfriend with, don’t get too stressed up. Women are quite fond of gorgeous jewelry and engagement ring is one of a kind. As much as you would love to impress her with a diamond ring, it can cost you too much. There are other stones as well, which look really pretty and unique, and your woman will be complimented on it more than you can think.

Some stones that you can consider for the ring 

Tourmaline The stone is a mineral formed from 2-3 colors; but for jewelry, it comes in light aqua green color. It is a unique stone that looks really pretty in rings. You can either go for a single stone ring or those that are mixed with other small gems around it. It is similar to emerald but lighter in color, and gives a bohemian style.

Lapis lazuli Embedded in gold material, these are matte stones with gold flecks. It is very inexpensive but looks really beautiful. You can opt for it if your woman loves turquoise, as it is similar to it but cheaper.

Morganite Fixed in rose gold rings, these stoned rings look very delicate. They will steal your woman’s heart if she is really romantic and has an eye for fine quality. They come from the emeralds’ family; their prices can vary too much. So, be careful while buying them, and talk to your jeweler about the budget you have and the type of ring you are looking for.

Labradorite The stone symbolizes magic, strength and protective nature. It is mostly used in luxury jewelry but the hues of black to brown to blue can be used in engagement rings. The stone will stand out in an engagement ring in front of her family and friends.