Want to Affirm Your Friendship? Say it With Flowers This Friendship Day

Friends hold a special place in our hearts, not because of the good times you share, but for the bonding when you go through hard times and holding each other up. That feeling of knowing that someone cares for you is simply the best.

What could be the alternative if you can’t send a card to affirm your friendship? Of course, flowers! In fact, flowers are an eloquent way to let your friend know you care for them. Associated with the warm feelings of comradeship and optimism, flowers are the best way to celebrate this Friendship Day.   Send a bright and cheery bouquet as a gesture of your appreciation for their friendship.

Say it with Beautiful Blooms 

Friendship Day is the first Sunday in August. It has been celebrated since Congress proclaimed the day in 1935. For ages, flowers have been associated with joy, affinity, togetherness, and pleasure. It is no wonder they are used as a special gift for occasions to convey love, heartfelt remembrance, and togetherness. Friendship is one of the greatest gifts in lifeand is represented by a few blooms, owing to their specific characteristics.

Among all other flowers, the yellow rose is recognized as the official flower for Friendship Day. Do you know why? It symbolizes joy, delight, friendship, remembrance, and the promise of a new beginning. Yellow blooms are chosen as the official flower for celebrating Friendship Day.  In fact, the Boynton Beach florist says a yellow rose with red tips represents friendship and falling in love. That may or may not be your intent!

Every year, on Friendship Day, flower shops in Boynton Beach promote the yellow rose as a friendship flower. In the present technologically advanced age, many find flower delivery Boynton Beach convenient as they can order flowers online, especially for friends who are staying in other cities. However, you can go with other flowers as well.

Yellow Flowers – Companionship 

Hailed as the traditional symbol for companionship, yellow flowers like gerberas and chrysanthemums can be chosen as workplace gifts to show your appreciation. With its warmth and radiance, a yellow flower is an excellent choice to convey the feelings of companionship. Yellow blooms also symbolize sympathy and affection.

Alstroemeria – Devotion 

Mimicking the lily, alstroemeria is regarded as a symbol of friendship, support and devotion. In fact, the appearance of this bloom exhibits the twists and turns in true friendship.

Chrysanthemum – Sympathy

A plant with big blooms that resemble the shape of pompons, this flower stands for the virtues of friendship, sympathy, and trust.

Iris – Faith 

Iris is one of the beautiful blooms that represent the impeccable values of faith and trust. As a springtime bloom, it also symbolizes the eternal promise of renewal and other aspects that are inextricably linked to friendship.

Are you inspired? Well, spoil your friend with these Friendship Day flowers hand-delivered by the Boynton Beach florist