Wedding Cake Trends and Alternatives

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Besides the dress, the wedding cake is probably one of the longest held wedding day traditions in the United States (and beyond). During the 1980’s we saw the trend of towering, multi-layer wedding cakes and other creative and over the top designs. During this decade, it became part of the wedding day routine for guests to seek out the cake upon arriving at the reception to and expect some extravagant masterpiece.

To this day, you still see people from this generation actively searching for the cake immediately upon arriving at the reception. “Where’s the cake? I’ve got to see the cake!”

While the wedding day cake is still very important to most weddings, I’ve begun to see a trend over the past few years that has now established itself enough to the point where it’s worth pointing out and taking note. As a professional wedding photographer, I experience weddings every weekend all year round, so I get to see a lot of trends.

Specifically with the cake, what we’re beginning to experience is actually less cakes.

A few years ago, people started opting for cupcakes instead of a cake. This was quickly noticeable because when it came time to cut the cake, we were often just cutting small cupcakes. At the beginning, some couples would have a cake for cutting and then cupcakes to serve to guests, but many are simply eliminating the cake altogether and opting instead for cupcakes.

However, we’ve also had many weddings go another route altogether and opt for baked pies! These ones are a lot of fun. Guests can actually go and choose a slice of pie from among dozens of different pie options.

Last weekend, one of our company’s weddings had a couple with no cake cutting event and we have another one coming up this weekend who also opted not to have a cake or anything to cut. So the event of cutting the cake is also starting to become an ‘optional’ event.