Wedding Ceremonies in Bali

Do you want an elegant wedding ceremony? Are you searching all over for the best planner and venues? If that is the case, you should now sit back and relax since whatever you have been looking for is you have found it. The solution is as easy as mentioning ABCD, Bali wedding ceremonies and destinations are exactly what you have been looking for.

The ceremonies are done at classy places but at an affordable price.  What are these ceremonies?

  • Villa wedding in Bali

The ceremony takes place at in a place like no other. You and your partner take vows in an extraordinary place within the island surrounded by your encore individuals. The landscape coupled with luxury villas makes the whole idea appealing.  Are you worried of prices? Take it easy, compared to other places like Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam, Bali is the only place you will have a high end wedding experience at a reasonable price.

  • Wedding planner

You need an agency that has wealth of experience of Bali wedding ceremonies. If you blunder with agency, everything will be in disarray, from organising point of view to prices. The agency must be run by professional wedding planners that are based in Bali.  


A resident of Bali makes things easier because they know the topography of Bali in and out. With The Seven Agency, Everything regarding your wedding is professionally arranged. This is where Seven Seas comes in.

What are the services of The Seven agency?

The agency is one of the best event planner in organisers. The reasons behind its success are packages. Its package cut across every social class. And also they are elegant but affordable. On the other services, its services are splendid, they include:

  • Professional make up assistant
  • Pre-wedding meeting-presentation
  • Bridal preparation room
  • Personal consultation experts
  • English speaking organizers
  • Premium photographer
  • Customised background music
  • Commemorative certificate
  • Cake that has top flowers and leaves on it
  • Decorated fruit baskets
  • Morabito beach wedding

You think of the other place apart from Villa wedding? Morabito Art Villa is an epitome of class in Bali. It’s located in Berawa Beach in Canggu area. The villa is built on a flowery one hectare and it is 75 metres away from Indian Ocean. It has tree teak wood houses, massage rom, a bathroom with shower, and outside bath stone.

It was designed by French jeweller known as Pascal Morabito. It is one of the ancient works of art.

A wedding is an event that needs experts and appealing venues. You need not to gamble with it. It should be well organized and presented. Everyone should be comfortable and relaxed. Bali has all kinds of venues that will make the wedding a memorable event. Visitors need to be well acquainted with venues.

As a visitor you may not know the riches of the venues. You need a planner to guide you in everything, not only a planner but an expert in the field.

The expert in the field in Bali is The Seven Agency. The agency has successfully handled over 2000 weddings. It has an office and has got professionals that facilitate everything.