Wedding – Find Your Style

Being engaged is the most exciting time of your life. However, planning the Sydney wedding venue isn’t quite as exhilarating. There are tons of things to think about that no one tells you. It’s everything visual, but it also relates to the ambiance of the event. The setting, the lighting, the flowers, the textures of your dress or linens can all be made cohesive by deciding on a distinct wedding style. Here we have mentioned a few wedding styles you could know to make your decision.

Cultural Weddings

Cultural weddings help the wedding couple to celebrate and enjoy the diverse traditions, ethnic backgrounds, and customs all together. The traditions of different parts of the world are highlighted during the cultural weddings by giving importance to the various ideas of the bride and groom.

Modern Wedding Style

Nowadays, the modern weddings are often held in museums, art galleries, and lofts. You need to use additional decorative elements like flowers and linens to make the venue simple and clean as the Sydney wedding venue will be the visual focus often. In some cases, modern weddings choose to go bold with the details think Kate Spade-style black and white stripes with jewel-toned vibrant blooms.

Classic Wedding Style 

Often, the classic wedding ceremonies take place in a garden or church, while elegant receptions fit right into a ballroom or an estate setting. With neutral shades of ivory, blush pink, and taupe, the colour palette may look soft, or you can go “black tie” with time-honoured choices like black, navy, and white. Floral such as peonies and roses abound, and when the bride in in a fit-for-a-princess ball gown walks down the aisle gives an awesome experience.

Glam Wedding Style

For being over the top, you can opt for the glam wedding which is referred to as luxe, lavish or opulent. Glittering bridesmaid dresses, shimmering linens, and an abundance of lush floral will make your glam wedding a memorable one. A high-end country club or Gatsby-style mansions are the wedding reception venues in Sydney that are formal enough to stand up to the glossy decor.

Themed Weddings

You can shout out your personal interests by organising a themed wedding for you. If you and your partner are Star Wars nerds, then you can have a walk through light saber arch. This makes your grand entrance into the reception.

On the other hand, if you are a Huge Packers fan, then you can choose yellow and green as your wedding colours and be sure to break out the cheese head hats for the dance party. Themed weddings aren’t always the most elegant of events, but they sure are fun.If you are looking for wedding venues near me in Sydney, you can rely on Athol Hall.