Wedding flower arrangements to plan for

If you have a big day coming with a wedding and are looking for wedding flower arrangements in Toms River we have some tips to help you with the planning. This can be a challenging time in a bride’s life with everything to be done, and with the pressure of getting everything perfect. A large part of a wedding is, of course, the flowers, with the centerpieces, arrangements, and bouquets. Even the simplest of weddings have some kind of floral work.

The joy of flowers is that they have several purposes. They look good, they should help with the kind of emotion you want to enhance, romantic, joy, peace etc. They should also smell good too. In a lot of weddings, there are several different types of arrangements needed. Types for the venues that are being decorated and then types for the wedding party and of course the bride’s bouquet.

Wedding party flowers

In general, people keep about eight to ten percent of their entire wedding budget for the flowers. The most elaborate and costly part of that is likely to be the bride‚Äôs bouquet. There are many good places that do wedding bouquets in Toms River and just how intricate it is, depend on the wedding theme and the bride’s preference.

Then you need to think about the bridesmaids. You will want something that does not compete with the bridal bouquet but compliments it and their dresses. There is also the groom’s boutonniere which should match the bride’s bouquet in some way without the flamboyance and size. The groom may also want his groomsmen to have small boutonnieres.

Then there is the option of corsages, pinned on ladies dresses or worn on the wrist, these are another wedding flower arrangement in Toms River to plan for. Last but not least for the flowers for the wedding party is a bouquet for the bride to toss. Sometimes brides do not want to lose the flowers they walked down the aisle with, so they have a smaller replica of it made by the florist and then toss that one when it is time.

Venue flowers

When you have finished deciding or planning for wedding bouquets in Toms River, there are the flowers for the venue. A good florist will either want pictures of the venue or visit it themselves. Then you can talk about where you want flowers, color themes and what type of flowers you want to be used. Some have a decorated aisle and altar, some one or the other, some have a large vase arrangement, some want flowers on the carpet to walk on. There are a lot of ideas and a professional florist with wedding experience will be able to explore those with you if you do not have any set ideas.


Flowers at your wedding can make a great statement, smell and look fantastic and be done as simply or with as much complexity as you want, and as our budget allows. Just try not to make last minute changes, these are hard for a florist Jersey Shore to deal with after all the flowers can be fresh for only so long.