What to Ask When Choosing a Jewelry Store in Calgary

Women love wearing jewelry, especially timeless pieces chosen by their significant others.

Nearly 30 million people have purchased fine jewelry within the last twelve months.

Are you in the market to find the perfect anniversary or birthday present for the lucky lady in your life?

Read our careful questions you must ask when choosing a jewelry store in Calgary.

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1. Does The Jeweler Listen To You Speak?

As soon as you meet your first jeweler, you need to be extra observant when they talk to you.

The jeweler you ask your questions to must listen to everything you have to say. Watch his or her body language to determine any obvious red flags.

Some jewelers are too pushy and overbearing. Be sure to avoid any mishaps by being as direct as possible with your jeweler. Tell them your budget and stick to it!

You should feel comfortable expressing exactly what type of necklace or pair of earrings you wish to purchase with the help of the jeweler in question.

2. How Long Has the Jeweler Worked in the Industry and at that Jewelry Store?

You should shop for your diamonds at an accredited store with expert jewelers.

After talking to the jeweler and asking your own questions in regards to their working history, if you don’t like what you hear, you can always choose to visit the next local jewelry store in mind.

Don’t feel obligated to buy anything while browsing your first jewelry store, as there are so many options with expert jewelers waiting to help you in Calgary.

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When making such a large investment, it’s important to work with jewelers you can trust. Be confident that you are in good hands with someone who has worked in the industry for over ten to twenty years with happy clients who return on a regular basis.

3. Is Service and Repair Work Done in Store?

Yet another question to ask the jeweler working at the accredited jewelry store concerns the maintenance of the diamond piece you plan on purchasing.

Note whether or not services and repair work can be accomplished in the store or if they will be shipped away. Are there in-house bench jewelers to assist you with free jewelry cleanings from time to time?

If damages are done to the ring, such as normal wear and tear over the years, will there be a warranty to cover any of it? Is there a jewelry on-site for resizing rings and refurbishing them with age?

Ask your jeweler any of these important questions and he or she ought to provide you with clear answers.

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