Exactly What to Look for in a Wedding Reception Venue

There are so many wedding venues available, which would make you think that choosing one is easy. But it actually makes it tricky. You spot a wedding venue you seem to like, but then you come across another one you love, and the list is endless. People consider numerous things when choosing wedding venues. Although one may not suit all your requirements, it is usually enough when one element, for instance, the wedding garden or the church hall or reception center, wows you. But to avoid disappointments of going to view then rejecting, below is a list of the essential things you should check on for a wedding venue.

Availability of the Venue

The first thing to consider when looking for a wedding venue in Dallas, TX is its availability. Keep in mind that the most exotic and beautiful wedding venues are booked several months or years in advance, especially for occasions planned around holidays or special days such as Valentine’s Day. Before you make any plans, first confirm if the wedding venue is available. If it is not available during your wedding date and you still need to hold your celebrations there, you will have to change your wedding date. You can also look for another venue and when you find one, book it immediately.

The Size of the Venue

When looking for a wedding venue, you should have the approximate number of guests you anticipate attending your wedding. Your wedding venue should accommodate all your guests comfortably. Plus, the last thing you would want is for your guests to leave early because they felt so crammed up at a small wedding venue. So, check the wedding venue’s capacity you are considering and ensure it can accommodate all the activities you plan on doing on your big day.


Is the wedding venue booking cost-friendly to your budget? There are many wedding venues you can choose from for your wedding ceremony, but the truth is, some of them may not be affordable for you. Determine your budget first hand so that you can differentiate between what you can afford and what you can’t. That will help you avoid frustrations that come with the realization that you can’t afford a wedding venue you have already fallen in love with.


Ask if the wedding venue provides an in-house catering team to take care of your guests. If yes, you need to prepare your menu, considering guests who are vegetarians, gluten-intolerant, or those with religious food requirements. If the venue doesn’t have an in-house catering service, you need to plan on outsourcing a caterer.

Accessibility of the Venue

The location is not the only thing you ought to consider when booking a wedding venue. You also need to consider its accessibility. If it is located near too many busy roads, expect some traffic delays during your wedding day, and that may cause frustrations. Also, note that booking a reception venue that is a bit too far from the wedding venue is an inconvenience to you and your guests.

Provision of Other Essentials

A wedding venue may provide tables and chairs but not the linens. So ensure you ask the wedding venue manager what is included in the package so that you organize for other items early.

Bad Weather Backup Plans

Choose a wedding venue with a backup plan in case the weather is not friendly during your wedding date. In some cases, you need to organize for that yourself.