What you need to think about as you’re planning a wedding

Planning a wedding should be an exciting process for you as a couple. Both of you should be able to execute your wedding plans as you dream them. Be it if you want to have the same wedding theme as the one you saw on Instagram or have the DJ play your preferred playlist on the big day, everything should go smoothly. 

But planning weddings aren’t always easy. They come with their pressure and stress. That’s why we are here to help you with everything you need to think of when planning a wedding.

  • Do you have a wedding checklist?

If you haven’t thought about having a checklist, you need to think about getting one. A wedding checklist will provide you with guided steps of all the main things you need to pull off to achieve your dream wedding. It includes timelines (week’s days and months) that you need to follow. 

  • Do you have a budget?

A lot of the items on the checklist require money for them to be executed. You need to think about what can help you achieve this. A wedding budget will help you track your spending. It includes categories for items and costs. For example, bridesmaids’ attires, dresses, accessories, alterations, and how much it will cost. The sections should include information such as estimated costs, additional service fees, tips, transportation, taxes, and the total.

  • Is the wedding date set?

Yes, you need to think of a date for when the wedding will happen. Having one in place will give you enough time to plan for the wedding. Ensure to give yourself a reasonable amount of time in between to execute most of your tasks without having to be under pressure.

  • What wedding rings will you buy?

Without wedding rings there cannot be a wedding. These tiny pieces of jewelry require a lot of thought if you plan on wearing them for the rest of your life. Discuss with your partner if you will follow the traditional band or prefer something more unique and modern. A visit to the jewelry store or merely browsing online should give a clear picture of what you’re looking for. When buying wedding rings a lot of focus is based on the metals. How much the rings will cost is also based on the metals you choose. Some of the metals to check out are yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, silver, and palladium. Ensure to get your wedding bands much earlier as they tend to require much time and thought. Check out the wedding rings Dublin website for more information. 

  • Decide on Wedding attire

For most brides, the most common wedding attire is a white wedding dress. Decide what fabric options you prefer be it satin, tulle, silk, or lace before going to the bridal store. That way when you get there, finding your wedding dress becomes easier. Remember to check out the right jewelry to match the gown. And as for the grooms, a white tie is considered a proper choice, paired with a black tailcoat and trousers, a white shirt, and waistcoat. Today the tuxedo has taken over with its black jacket, trousers bow tie, and white shirt. 

  • What’s your wedding cake preference?

For any reception, the wedding cake is always the major part. The secret to finding the right wedding cakes lies in choosing the right baker. How can you find one? Remember that wedding you attended sometime back and loved the cake? Ask the couple who they used. Take note of the size, frosting choices, flavors, design, pricing, how the cake will be delivered. And, most importantly don’t forget to taste the cake first!

  • Décor preference?

Want your guests to be stunned? Choose the right décor. Think of all the little details such as floral, furnishings, tents, tabletop elements, and signage because they’ll complement your venue and reflect the feel of the day. Make sure to stick to a personal style no matter what. Family and friends will most likely weigh in their options but yours should be a top priority.

  • Who should be on the Guestlist?

Figuring out who to put on the wedding guest list is always a challenge for many. You can’t just write down who you want to come to and then simply disregard the rest. What do you do? Sit down with your partner and write down a list of everyone you’d consider inviting. Begin with your family, close friends and then work outwards with colleagues, schoolmates, distant relatives, their partners, and children. 

  • How will they be invited?

Will you be sending out invitation cards and save the date cards? These will remind your guests when the big day will be and help them adjust their plans.

  • Will the guests sit or stand?

Your guests aren’t going to stand through the entire ceremony and reception. So think about how many chairs need to be rented or if your venue choice provides chairs as part of their “all-inclusive.” Use this time to also consider the sitting arrangement for your guests. Will it be in rows or a circular kind of arrangement?

  • Where do you wish to get married

Don’t know where to have your wedding? Start by narrowing down the regions that you’d be happy to get married at. Consider if there’s accommodation, how far your guests will be willing to travel, and how much it will cost them. Check out if the places are having major events because it could mean a shortage of beds. You can use Google, Pinterest or ask local wedding vendors for advice.

  • Who will do your makeup?

A professional makeup artist will give you the look you want i.e. a natural. Have some photos to show the person doing your makeup so they have an idea. 

Last words….

Finally, if you feel like all this is too much of you to handle and you need help planning your wedding, contact a wedding planner. They can help with budget constraints, fight for your vision, keep things on track, handle everything from the ceremony to reception, get you vendor discounts and even coordinate the whole wedding day.