Where To Buy Succulents Houston

Succulents are drought tolerant plants also known as desert plants. But in some cases, despite its resistant nature to sunlight, Some could even suffer from sun damage upon exposure to intense heat. This plant has a thick fleshy tissue that can store water for a long time like the cacti that store water only in the stem and have no leaves or very small leaves, while some others like the agaves store water in their leaves. For succulents to survive this extreme weather, they have deep root systems. These plants are mostly seen in extremely dry environments like semiarid regions or deserts but they have also been found to survive outside these regions as they can now be cultivated as ornamental plants for example Echeveria, Kalanchoe, and Aloe vera, etc. For them to survive in this harsh environment they have developed some features like one of their adaptive feature is the timing of the opening of their stomata, which are small mouth-like structures on the surface of plant leaves and stems that allow for the uptake of carbon dioxide from the environment and the loss of water and oxygen to the environment. Unlike those of most plants, the stomata of many succulent plants are closed during the day and open at night, this helps to conserve water. The best succulents to grow in Houston Texas are Aeoniums, Senecio mandraliscae, Sempervivum, Crassula ovata, Cereus, Kalanchoe thyrsiflora, Echinocereus, Agave, Aloe, Euphorbia tirucalli, Sedums, and Opuntia. There are succulent shops all around Houston.


Joshua’s Native Plants And Garden


Joshua’s Native Plants and Garden is a Nursery specializing in plants indigenous to the Gulf Coast, plus containers and vintage garden décor located in Houston Texas and can be gotten in Houston TX flower shops.


In The Garden


In The Garden is where to buy succulents Houston and an Emporium focusing on specialty plants, architectural salvage items for the home, yard, garden-like pots, Garden Gifts, perennial plants, etc. They are also within the Houston area.


Lowe’s Garden Center


Lowe’s and Garden Center is a family floral business that deals in blooms and succulents and have been around for over three generations that offer fresh cut flowers, bedding plants, get well roses in Houston, trees, and Succulents. They are located in Houston Texas.


Buchanan’s Native Plants


Buchanan’s Native Plants is dedicated to providing the best selections of both native and non-native plants suited to the Houston climate. They have a collection of succulents and are located in Houston Texas.


Zone 9 Tropicals


Zone 9 Tropicals is a plant nursery in Houston Heights. This outlet specializes in hard-to-find plants like Aroids, Gingers,  tropical fragrant plants, and succulents.


Plants For All Seasons


Plants For All Seasons is a garden center selling plants, organic fertilizer, offering classes,  tree planting, and succulents.


Cornelius Nursery 


Cornelius Nursery is an Extensive garden center offering seasonal trees, flowers, landscaping supplies, and related gifts. They also deal in all sorts of succulents.


Houston Plants And Garden


Houston Plants And Garden that Plants and supplies at the flagship location of garden center that also offers delivery and tree planting services. They are also located in Houston Texas.