Why People choose Black Diamond Ring as their Engagement Ring

You may have seen a black diamond ring before, but have you ever wondered what a black diamond is? How does a black diamond get its color?

Towards the end of the nineties, Black Diamonds have been used in jewelry in that time they became fashionable and popular both for women and men, the appearance of a black diamond engagement ring in the second film of famous New York city serial one may say that the black diamonds have arrived in the mainstream media for the first time of modern jewelry design.

The history of black diamonds is much less elegant as they were originally used for industrial purposes for drilling heads. As a matter of fact, the development in increasing popularity is similar to brown diamond that knows days are also cut and polished and very successfully marketed as champagne and other purposes, at the end of the day every diamond color is simply as variety and opened new creative ways of jewelry design.  

Very first any rejection of the diamond manufacturer that is having a grey color the diamond with very high impurities they are heated at extreme temperature with the carbon black with some oil that extreme heated so much that their entire structure changes the small nicks boards inside. Normally look like a rejection of a white colorless diamond takes a particular color which is jet black color now this has been available in so many wide varieties of shapes sizes right from 1 cent almost 100 carats and shapes right from round brilliant cut, princess cut, emerald, pear, marquise and any other shapes you named it is available in all the shapes. A heated natural black diamond has a hardness of 10 but it often fools many tasters whether you use presidium taster or gemvar of multi diamond taster it fools them because its heat conductivity has been reduced so when you try to test it using a diamond taster it will show as moissanite it will not pass the diamond test of the high-grade tasters.     

You see black diamonds are among the most popular of color diamonds and the popularity of unconventional engagement rings had grown in recent years the demand for these beautiful gems has gone through the roof, and for good reasons. And even now black diamonds are so popular but a lot of misinformation and miss conception around them. This blog is about the specialty of black diamonds and how they differ from other color diamonds. And if you want to buy Black diamonds online then BAUNAT is the right choice for you to buy these gems. Because their website has a lot of different options and designs for their customers, 

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What makes Black Diamonds Special?

Color diamonds are also called fancy diamonds, and they are much less common than white and colorless diamonds. 

GIA color scale for white diamonds(D-Z0. Diamonds in this color range usually decrease in value the more color they show. the GIA color scale reaches from D to Z that is from completely colorless to a bright yellow tune, the color scale of fancy diamonds is only began after Z.

Diamonds beyond the color grade “Z” are called fancy diamonds. Here the opposite is true” the value usually increases the more obvious color becomes only 1 in 10,000 diamonds has a fancy color!       

Know in black diamonds, black color originates from small clouds and different minerals inclusion like graphite fractures, pyrite and ceviches within the stone turn black due to graphitization all the base color of the stone may arrange from nearly colorless from yellowish or brownish, the concentration of these inclusions makes the diamond opaque and gives it distinct and a unique laster. If you have never seen a black diamond and its luster, check out the black display of your smartphone the appearance is quite similar. 

And the fact you know that black diamonds are only found in Brazil and central Africa these countries are very rich in black diamonds.