Why You Should Consider These Places for Your Wedding

A wedding ceremony is crucial in one’s life, and that is why it is essential to ensure that it is done in the best way possible. Choosing the right venue for your wedding will ensure that you will live to remember your wedding ceremony even many years after you have done it. The choice of your honeymoon should also be chosen carefully. You need a place where your friends will feel comfortable and happy so that they can also get the opportunity to take the best photos with you. These photos will be amazing to you in future because you can use them to show your kids how the wedding went down some years back. Read to know why these are the best places for your wedding function.

Why Bali Wedding?

If you are looking to perfect your wedding event, then Bali is the best place you can consider. The wedding will go down in a perfect villa, and you can be sure the place will be a magnificent one. You can choose the best location for you, a place which is extraordinary when it comes to wedding ceremonies. In Bali, there are beautiful sceneries and nature here is breathtaking and that is why Bali has been regarded as the magical island in Indonesia that is most sought after by tourists and those planning to hold wedding ceremonies. In Bali, you will come across beautiful and attractive villas that are located in unique areas, and the prices are low when compared to other locations such as those in the western world. Your private villa wedding in Bali can take place successfully with the help of The Seven City agency.

Morabito beach wedding

Morabito Art Villa is a unique one and it is located in Berawa Beach in Canggu area. This is area on the west of Bali Island. Morabito Art Villa which is in the midst of a flowery tropical park is facing the Indian Ocean directly, and it is 75m from the ocean. When you hold your wedding ceremony here, you can be sure that Morabito beach will offer a good experience when it comes to relaxation. It is a unique beach house that is part of the villa and houses wood houses that have a terrace on the beach, a bathroom with shower, a massage room and there is also outside bath stone. The interior and architecture were done by Pascal Morabito who is a jeweler based in Paris.

Chapel wedding in Bali

If you want to get married in a chapel, then the best place you should choose is Bali. Your wedding will take place in a magnificent chapel, and you and your visitors will love the place. A wedding is a crucial event in your life, and it is important that you choose a good and unique place that you can remember even years after doing your wedding. Do not just get married in the church where you grew and where you have been attending all your life. Choose a unique location, somewhere far and a place whereby you will feel like your wedding is taking place in a paradise. In Bali chapel, your wedding will be classic with hymns, bells and even confetti.